Pico-Union Area

Hawthorne Location

Hawthorne Location

Mid-City Location

Mid-City Location

Re-entry Services

We currently operate 3 interim housing facilities through the Office of Diversion and Reentry. We specialize in reentry services and care: since opening our first interim housing facility in October 2019, over 50 of our clients have secured permanent housing, and 25 have secured employment through our housing assistance and employment programs.

Our flagship facility is our Hawthorne facility for men.

Here are all our locations:

Inglewood Avenue Location

11720 Inglewood Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250.

Contact information:
Main Office (424) 456-4629
Program Manager (424) 456-4570
Nurse Office (424) 456-4587
Intake Office (424) 456-4502
Case Manager (424) 456-4478

Mid-City Location

1717 S. LaBrea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Our facility in the Mid-City area is a Co-ed site with 42 beds

Contact information:
Main Office (323) 433-4025
Program Manager (323) 433-4183
Nurse Office (323) 433-4016
Intake Office (323) 433-4124
Case Manager (323) 433-4155

Pico-Union Area

1430 Arapahoe Street
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Our new facility in the Pico-Union area is a 52-bed building for pregnant women and children, as well as single women

Contact information:
Main Office (213) 277-1117
Program Manager (213) 277-1062
Nurse Office (213) 315-5110
Intake Office (213) 263-9992
Case Manager (213) 263-9991

My Homie Program – gives inmates the opportunity to MENTOR to younger at-risk youth who have been in contact with law enforcement

Family Connect Program  – helps inmates connect with their families and loved ones in Southern California

Prison Van Pool Service – provides rides to inmates at select CDCR prisons.

Prison Outeach Services

One of our first offered services, facilitated by M.E.N.T.O.R.S. since 2016, is a prison outreach program, where our goal is to bringing home healthy, well adjusted ex-offenders back into our society and most importantly, with their families. This includes support to inmates and their families to ensure that family stabilization and/or reunification efforts are met. Families of incarcerated individuals may sign up to visit their loved ones in prison or jail and use our transport vans for low-cost travel. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been forced to halt our prison outreach services for the foreseeable future. When we are permitted to offer this service again, sign-up information will be posted here!